Bakhoor Yemeni Incense Supreme quality handmade recipe (bakhour, incense, arabic, oud, bukhoor)

Yemeni bakhoor is blended by combining the age-old art and recipe of natural handmade bakhoor making with a variety of classical fragrances. Each piece is enriched with various natural ingredients including Agarwood and other aromatic woods, exotic flower essence and beautiful aromatherapy essential oils and rose essence combined with sugar. This bakhoor (incense) is made with the finest ingredients including Cambodi oud (agarwood), Oud oil and khus oil along with other fine natural ingredients. This product is of premium quality and handmade. Yemeni Bakhoor is cooked compared to the conventional bakhoor which is a combined ingredient which is baked. PLEASE NOTE: Although I try strive to make the same bakhoor according to the displayed photo, every batch may turn out slightly different. This is only in appearance, but I do not waiver on quality and Fragrance of the bakhoor. This is a homemade and handmade product. Please contact the seller before purchasing the bakhoor any questions about the product. Use this bakhoor on an electric burner for best results. DO NOT USE THIS BAKHOOR ON HIGH HEAT! IF USING CHARCOAL THIS IS BEST USED ON CHARCOAL THAT HAS BEEN LEFT TO BURN OUT FOR 20-25mins. This will ensure the slow burn of the bakhoor. DO NOT USE THIS BAKHOOR ON HIGH HEAT! P.S It is also very important to use quality charcoal to use bakhoor (incense) for excellent results. How to use Bakhoor? 1) Place and Bakhoor on the electric burner's metallic hot plate 2) Plug in the electric burner and switch on 3 ) Fragrant smoke, saturated with rich bakhoor aroma will rise gradually and spread all over the room 4 ) Fragrant smoke will continue for approximately 30 minutes 5) Turn off burner after 30 min and let it cool for at least 15 min before touching it 6) Discard the used bakhoor WARNING NEVER LEAVE ANY TYPE OF INCENSE BURNERS UNATTENDED. ALWAYS SWITCH OFF WHEN NOT IN USE OR UNATTENDED.

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