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Welcome to the Bakhoor Store Incense

Welcome to my store.  Here you will find the best quality Arabic incense (bakhoor), natural and pure oudh/oud oils and beautiful attar mukhallats (perfume oil mix) created by experienced artisans and natural environments.  The age old tradition of burning bakhoor incense (bukhur, Bakhour, incense) is truly what makes a Middle Eastern home unique.  Bakhoor is known to have calming affects on the mind and encourages good energy in the environment.  With the main components of bakhoor being agarwood or Oud, rose, frankincense etc.  

Traditional Yemeni and Somali Bakhoor (incense) is sugar based.   


Those customers new to bakhoor (arabic) incense are advised to seek help from the seller on how to use the bakhoor for best results.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be glad to guide you through the bakhoor using process. 

 The products on sale in this store may sometimes be limited and hence make the product even more sought after.  These are the finest products sourced from various parts of the world and most made by myself at home.  Myself and my partners never mass produce any bakhoor.  We make them in small batches to ensure quality of the bakhoor.

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