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Bakhoor Cambodi Oudh

This bakhoor (incense) is a handmade mixture of Cambodia agarwood/oud shavings used after distillation along with beautiful floral and spice oils and resins. The oils used to marinate this oud are sandalwood, mogra, musk, vetiver, frankincense oil and a saffron. Cambodi oudh bakhoor is shavings of cultivated top quality Cambodia agarwood which has been acquired after its distillation process was marinated in the above components and left to mature in a dark place for a a while.

The scent is long lasting and refreshes the living space in a very oriental olfactive sense. Recommended amount per use is approximately 1-2g in any desired burning method.

However this incense burns beautifully on an electric incense burner. Place a small amount in the electric burner plate on low to medium heat to enjoy the exotic fragrance of this bakhoor.

Alternatively, this bakhoor is also suitable for a candle burner. The fragrance is long-lasting creating an exotic fragrance around the house and brings peace and tranquillity to the mind and body.

How to use

1) Place a some a small amount of this incense on the electric burner’s metallic hot plate.

2) Plugin the burner and switch on

3 ) Fragrant smoke, saturated with rich aroma will rise gradually and spread all over the room

4 ) Fragrant smoke will continue for approximately 30 minutes

5) Turn off the burner after 30 min and let it cool for at least 15 min before touching it

6) Discard the used bakhoor

For charcoal burner

1) Light charcoal
2) leave on the burner for 20mins
3) place a amount of this bakhoor on top of the charcoal (please use tongs)
4) Place a piece on the charcoal and allow to burn for 5-15 mins
5) After use discard the contents safely


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