Tarakan Kynam Incense Burner Wild Half Sinking (RARE, supreme quality, natural, agarwood, oudh, smoke, Kinam, burning chip, bakhour)

By now most, if not all lovers of oud/agarwood know what a kinam/kyara is. Those that are just getting started on their magnificent journey of all things oud, the explanation to what kinam is has been given below.

This rare Tarakan Wild Kinam like most of the others from its rare and precious species has a tendency to wow to the trained olfactory. This black and brown woody gold is nature’s ultimate gift. One has to dwell deep into ones spirit to figure out it’s true affects on the mind. Scent profiles that can only be described as magically spicy, woody with hints of raw honey and fermenting fruit. This of course is the very best I can do to come any where near to its exact magnificence.

I ultimately found my favourite method of how best to use such a precious piece of nature.

1.Place a piece of lit shoyeido charcoal on a burner and put ash or soft sand on top.

2.Then place a mica plate on the hot ash or sand.

3. Place a minute shaving of the kinam.

4. Enjoy!!!

Incense or bakhoor does not get any better than this.

PLEASE NOTE: The quantity in the pictures displayed are 3g.

Kynam is a tiny subset within Agarwood in a very very small percentage. In a historical context, it refers to a Top grade of Agarwood with unique and excellent fragrance properties.

Considered more expensive than gold and platinum, this rare wonder of the natural world has a story of its own. By now anyone reading this is assumed to know their precious “QiNan” “Kyara” or “Kinam”.

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