Bakhoor Yemeni and Adeni (authentic homemade bakhoor incense)

Bakhoor Adani Black We specialise in making Yemeni and Adani bakhoor using age old recipes for home and clothes to smell beautiful. Full of rich perfumes and Oud powder and natural perfume oil mixes. 

Considered the best bakhoor/bakhour incense of the Middle East, Yemeni and Adani bakhoor incense is only made with natural perfume oils, spices and herbal mixtures along with exquisite rare musk oils.  This bakhoor also consists of onycha.   The Greeks believed onycha could cure or at least tame people suffering from epilepsy or hysteria. 

The inspiration behind wanting to sell these fine products came from my mum.  She is a Yemenite and has for years used the finest incense (bakhoor) to make the home smell divine.  Arabs also tend use this incense to smoke their clothes with bakhoor and oud chips (agarwood).  Bakhoor itself is made of Oud and other fine natural ingredients.  


So growing up I always was accustomed to this oriental mystic scent.  It over the years I started falling in love with all things “Oud”. This wonder of nature has the power to cure depression and calm the mind.  Speaking from personal experience.  The woody, fruity and barnyard scent of oud leaves one enticed and lured into spiritual sense of mind.

Bakhoor likewise has the same affect on one with its main component being Oud Oil and oud chips.  

I am an oud and bakhoor addict.  I spend many hours looking for the finest artisans that hand make the finest of these products using only natural ingredients.